We as humans have entered a phase of cosmic menstruation. The bleeding phase initiated by a woman’s womb is the exact same renewal process that currently unfolds inside the cosmic womb – the great womb of all creation – as we are collectively birthing a new Earth.

A woman’s womb is not afraid of this process. She knows she releases the old to make space for the new within the infinite primordial cycle of nature: birth – life – death – rebirth.

The more we resist this natural unfolding and shedding of layers that don’t serve as anymore, the more we suffer in this process. Instead we are called to learn how to relax, soften and finally trust the original divine intelligence that flows through everything in existence at all times.

The womb knows it’s not the end, it’s the preparation for something new to be born. Because she knows, we are in safe hands.

It’s on us to remember our original state of orgasmic being weaved within the all-encompassing web of vibrant aliveness and transcendental love that is our birthright to receive and give as humans.

And as all of this is currently unfolding, I am in sensual enjoyment of my own menstrual blood running down my thighs. All I want is to be free with it. I want to touch and taste and smell it. I want to leave marks of blood on the ground as I’m walking with a skirt and nothing underneath – so that it can directly return back to the Earth.

Bleeding for me became a sensual pleasure. No pain. No suffering. Instead I rest by myself into the deepening of my own and life’s mysteries as the veil is thinner and I enjoy the sacred activities in womb and vagina while I’m shedding another skin I have outgrown.

From here I strenghten the bond to feeling my truth and trust the forces of life.
And I see my sisters worldwide doing the same. This is how we birth a new Earth.

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