All the womb work is actually about returning to our original state of living and understanding life on Earth in a conscious way. The sacred activities in our womb mirror the rhythms and cycles of nature. Coming back home to this natural state of being means to remember this tangible wisdom that is ancient and to connect to our intuition as well as to find back trust into these rhythms and cycles of the Earth. The Earth is wild which makes the homecoming to our womb a true rewilding process – a liberation from taming and domestication.

I said last year: Every time a woman comes home to herself, the Earth experiences an orgasm. Because we are interlinked with her. And when we remember who we are and comprehend ourselves as a part of her, we are finally back to living and understanding our life in a way that is in harmony with her. We return to our natural state that is orgasmic. Ecstatic. Blissful.

Talking to a wonderful doula today who teaches about conscious birth was a truly delightful experience as we were finding the interlacements of both of our work. A woman who is connected to her womb, who has released her trauma and blockages that could have stemmed from sexual abuse, miscarriage, abortion, ancestral wounds as well as shame and guilt around her sexuality and who is conscious of the cyclical and intuitive activities in her sacred space as well as who knows how to harness and channel her sexual energy is a woman who already paved the way for a conscious conception, pregnancy and birth. This is a true gift.

This realisation is something we are collectively awakening to. We understand that in order to live the life we came here to live, we need to comprehend ourselves as part of nature and thus, fully arrive in our physical vessel that is our body.

Recently, I have women approaching me for womb work because they want to prepare themselves for conceiving. They want to cleanse their sacred space not only for themselves, but also for a new being to have a fresh, clean and warm nest they can settle into and grow. This touches me.

If you also feel like a deep-dive womb cleansing ritual would be the right thing on your path right now whether you want to regain access to your creativity, s.xual aliveness or becoming a mother, contact me HERE.

To help you buidling a connection to your womb, you might be interested in joining my next yoni yoga class on Sunday, January 24th, HERE.

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