Sometimes, these challenges we signed up for and that are part of our soul contract for the purpose of serving our soul’s highest growth and evolution in this lifetime seem unbearable. I don’t know about you, but this year, the unbearable felt even more unbearable and seemingly impossible to master.

Then you have your time when you are angry at yourself and really wonder why you chose this. It’s easy to blame others, the circumstances, the society, the politicians… you name it. Because you are just fed up with this crap – the ever repeating pattern – and you are exhausted and depleted.

At some point, you realize none of these thoughts lead you anywhere. You can’t charge them with your energy anymore because your battery is running to point zero. You realize that the only way to deal with these unbearable challenges is to change your perspective and understand that in the mastery of these challenges lies your true liberation and the reclamation of your power.

Turn your pain of the unbearable into your gift.

Remember that the challenges you are facing are here to be mastered by you. You chose the circumstances you incarnated in for a reason. They remind you of your true potential as a divine human being on Planet Earth. The game is amplified in 2020. That’s why you came here with an extra portion of bravery.


You have a purpose. With your gifts you awaken and help thousands of other beings for the shift that is needed on Earth. Things need to change. Thus, your mastery not only liberates you individually, but also serves the greater good.

Believe in your strength. You did not choose this if you would not be able to master it.

Seek guidance. Seek support. I would not be where I am at without a mentor, a guiding healer, on my side in crucial periods in my life. I offer DIVINE SOUL SESSIONS that you can check out HERE if you feel the calling.

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