It simmers in your bones. It blazes your skin. And slowly eats your liver. From the inside out.

And at some point, it turns into bitterness and resentment.


Being raised as the good girl, you stuffed it down. You are never angry. Nobody would ever assume you are angry. The years go by and even yourself think you are never angry.

As the good girl – the role you were conditioned into – you are supposed to be in harmonious peace. Yes, a bit of sensual spice every now and then is allowed, but the full expression of your eros is better to be hidden and your anger to be pretended as non-existent or something you deal with behind closed doors – silently, of course.

And then, you discover the spiritual world and learn about the root cause of your emotions. You time travel back to your childhood. You forgive those who triggered the anger in you and you forgive yourself. You know all about the universal laws and comprehend how everything in the external is a reflection of your inner world. Yea, your mind got it.

And still, your anger simmers in your bones, blazes your skin and eats your liver.

For how much longer?, you begin to ask as you don’t choose to hold it anymore. This is the moment your inner wild woman becomes alive. And it’s the moment you choose to truly live in your body and to not hold anything anymore for the sake of your own and other people’s inability on how to deal with it.

You recognize how thin your boundaries are. You recognize how you let others dictate your life. You recognize that it’s high time to use the fire of your anger to burn what no longer serves you. To burn what dims you, what needs to be destroyed, what keeps you from being in your power and self-responsibility. You learn how to channel your anger into the transformation of what doesn’t honor you by creating a safe space and lighting a candle for your anger.

You move. You dance. You shake. You scream. And you punch into your cushions.

Because you understand that your anger is sacred and the fuel behind your mission.

Image: Christopher Burns

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