Before your yoni reveals the full potential of her magic to you, you need to be in a state of total devotion to her.

Reclaiming your sexual magic is not a quick fix. You need to follow the rope she’s handing over to you to meet her moment to moment – day by day. You need to be able to trust the unknown – the mystery – as you don’t know how long it will take and what you will be faced with while following the rope. Not only do you need to be in trust, but also be willing to shed the layers of your numbness and pain that caused your disconnection from her.

It’s about building a relationship with her. Not any relationship – a LOVE relationship. You need to love her unconditionally without expecting anything in return. You need to learn how to perceive her voice and then to honor her voice – no matter what.

In yesterday’s masterclass about sacred feminine sexuality I said: “It may sound silly, but you know what I actually want for every woman on this planet to experience? That she’s able to feel her yoni from the inside in every single moment of her life.” This was the exact same sentence I told my mentor a few years ago before I started offering my healing sessions.

I sense when a woman is numb from her waist down immediately. I sense it so intensely that it hurts. It hurts because she’s cut off from her birthright which is to be ecstatically embodied in her full magic, radiance, health and vitality as the goddess she inherently is.

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