Our Earth is one planet of many. The Milky Way which our solar system is part of is one galaxy of many. Our universe is one of many. And who knows what is beyond the infinite. Something our human mind can’t even capture. Your soul can though.

And now I want you to travel all the way back and feel your feet on the sacred ground of our Great Mother Earth. Feel roots coming out of your soles growing down into the earth. And breathe. Breathe into the stability and safety of your roots. Inhale and expand your belly. Exhale and let yourself settle into your physical body.

You came here onto this sacred ground for a reason. And you are needed. Your soul carries codes that bring humanity back to truth which is LOVE.

You came here with a divine task and you got everything you need to fulfill this task WITHIN yourself. Your task has many different layers and dimensions. And you are reminded – every single day – to commit to the truth you feel in your heart. Because your heart is connected to the heart of the Universe.

Through your heart you alchemize. Through your heart you release the traumas of your ancestors who walked this Earth before you, heal your own wounds and let go of the old shame and guilt. Through your heart you forgive and return back to LOVE which is the ultimate truth of our Universe.

For all of this, you need to be in your body. You need to feel your womb that vibrates in sync with the rhythms of our Great Mother. Through your womb you make consciousness matter. Through your womb you birth your creations and embody your divine purpose. Because your cervix is your portal to the Universe and your cervix is directly connected to your heart.

Return to your heart and womb, love. Remember who you are. You are needed.

If you seek guidance on your path, I’m here for you:


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