She who is connected to her womb is mighty.

Your womb is the umbilical cord to the Earth and simultaneously your antenna to the Universe.

We’ve not been taught this. Our mothers have not been taught this. Our teachers at school have not been taught this. It’s time for us to change the paradigm and bring these ancient divine feminine codes back into our lives.

A woman who knows her womb, a woman who is in contact with her womb, is a powerful woman. She is a woman who listens to the rhythms of the Earth. She is a woman who births the longings of her soul. She is a woman who dances in the web of creation.

I had no idea about all of this until I was 25 and decided to quit taking the birth control pill after 8 years. I fell into horror because my body freaked out. I wasn’t bleeding for 4 months, my hair fell out and my skin bursted out in acne. And at the same time, I was crying of relief – of having a deep sense of coming home into my body for the first time as an adult woman. It took me 1.5 years to get back to my original natural rhythm.

When I first started consciously placing my hands onto my womb to breathe with her, I was terrified. I had never connected with her and was afraid to feel something that I wasn’t supposed to feel. And things came up. Memories came back of all the times I gave my power away. Of all the times of abuse, ignorance, shame and guilt.

She taught me how to be home in my body. She taught me how to connect with Mother Earth and my emotions. She taught me about boundaries. And so much more.

She’s my anchor point. No matter in which situation I am, as long as I can feel her underneath my palms, everything is okay.

I wish that for every woman.

Womb cleansing and healing is the essential base of my work:



It’s your birthright to be home in your womb ❤

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