If you were not initiated into womanhood when you experienced your first menstrual bleeding as a young woman, an important rite of passage wasn’t passed on to you. And I know this is the case for most of us, especially in the Western society.

For most of us there wasn’t an elder woman taking our hand and telling us about the magic of our menstrual blood and what it means to us as women. It’s rather quite the contrary and we are even shamed for bleeding and told it’s something dirty you have to hide and not dare to talk about.

All of this creates a disconnection to our womb space and a split in our relationship to our feminine essence and female body. It shows up as irregularities in our cycle, discomfort when we are bleeding, PMS, suppressed emotions, immense shame and a disconnect to our cyclical nature.

However, we are powerful beings and can re-write our story. Set up time and space to create your own catch-up initiation ritual. Time-travel back to when you first started bleeding and connect to your inner teenage girl through your heart (place your hands onto your heart and feel into how she felt that day). Then, visualize you taking her hand and step into the role of the wise woman telling her everything you wished someone had told you back then about the beauty and magic of your menstrual cycle. Answer her questions, make her feel safe and secure. Empower her through your words. It is also very beautiful to buy yourself an object that represents your connection to your blood as an initiation gift. E.g. a bracelet or a crystal. Wear this object or carry it with you every time you bleed. ❤

Every powerful woman has an inner teenage girl who feels safe, secure and loved. Re-writing our stories is an essential part of our healing path.

How was your first bleeding? Do you remember?

Image: Ava Sol

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