Waking up to your gifts, waking up to the magic you are here to create on Earth, is not all rainbows and butterflies. Waking up to your magical powers, remembering who you are in your full sovereignty, reactivating ancient codes within yourself and thus, reclaiming the full spectrum of your inner witch takes you on a path that it is not intended for the faint-hearted.

A part of you knows this, otherwise you wouldn’t have sent yourself on this path. And there are times when you condemn this part of you. It’s when the memories of all of the places where you gave your power away come back to you as an unbearable emotional and physical pain. Again, this part of you knows you will make your way through it. Because your inner core strength hasn’t gone anywhere. You’ve done this thousands and thousands of times.

Once, your inner witch lived out her full magic. And it might not all have been benevolent in a sense of being in service for the highest good. However, this is what needs to be accepted, forgiven and integrated now.

As a witch, you can look beyond the veil – not only what is on the bright side, but especially what is on the dark side. This is where your work is seeded. You are here to illuminate what’s been hidden, condemned and shamed in human history. The deeper you dig, the more you allow yourself to remember your power, the more the darkness reveals itself to you. Remember you are able to face it, otherwise it wouldn’t appear. It can be scary sometimes. Again, remember your strength. Your psychic abilities are coming back. Trust the process. You are meant for this.

And there were times in human history when you were burnt at the stake for being a witch which just means you were killed for being in your power. Integrating these experiences into your present moment is an art. You feel it in your vagina, in your heart and in your throat where the rope was wrapped around. And again, you are meant to do this. Remember your strength. Remember this along of all of your sisters and brothers, witches and wizards, who are doing the same right now. Your inner witch is needed. Your ancient wisdom is needed. Your magic is what we all have been waiting for…

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