This is an important message I had been guilty of many many times on my self-discovery and sexual healing journey.

Yesterday evening, I set up a ritual space to cleanse my womb space with Artemisia and release tension from my yoni with my rose quartz wand. My intention simply was to give her a massage and let go of numbness and pain I might encounter during this ritual.

I began calling in the magic womb healing medicine of Artemisia and danced around one burning candle in the darkness of my room to the rhythm of ancient drums. Then I sat down to massage my breasts and open my heart. I slowly made my way to my womb space and held her in my warm hands sending love from heart. I prepared the rose quartz wand and had it next to me in easy reach.

Before I intend to enter my yoni, I cup her with my hands to ask her for permission and a clear YES. As I had my hands on her and very gently massaged the opening, I could feel a closeness. She said NO. She didn’t want to be entered. I admit that I could feel a slight disappointment from my ego persona who imagined this to be a different experience. Instead, I kept my hands cupping her and held her warm and safe and secure.

I’m sharing this with you because this is what sexual healing is actually about: LISTENING TO YOUR YONI’S VOICE. No matter what your plans were, no matter how sacred your intentions were, no matter what your mind tells you, the most important thing to reclaim your sexual sovereignty is to honour her NO equally as her YES. đŸ–¤

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