Today I pass the pen on to a courageous woman who immersed herself into the wild ride of coming back home to herself – to her heart’s voice, her body and her gifts.

I met Stella at the beginning of this year when I had just freshly arrived in Portugal. She sat in my Yoni Yoga Workshop in Lagos and knew she was meant to work with me and dive into my in-depth mentorship journey A WOMAN’S WAY HOME.

Here’s her full report about what it really means to commit to her homecoming:


“The first time I met Sabrina was in one of her yoni yoga workshops in Portugal. I instantly felt comfortable around her and was able to practice letting go during her workshop. There was something about Sabrina and her work that made me want to connect more with her. I felt so safe and seen. I felt like she went through a similar story with depression and burnout. I felt as if her soft and gentle way was matching the way of my sensitive heart.

At home I kept practicing what I learnt during the workshop and the effects were immense: after having taken time to connect with my yoni I felt more grounded. More safe with myself. I felt creative energy rushing through me. This women obviously knew the way to bring me back home to my center. To myself.

Hence, I signed up for her 3-month-journey A WOMAN’S WAY HOME. To me, it was scary as hell. It was scary to invest so much money in myself. It was scary to start a healing journey where there was no fixed plan. It was scary to leave the conventional German path of trusting only people with big diplomas and going for the mentor I felt connected with as a human – from heart to heart.

All of this was scary, but I did it anyway. And looking back now I can tell you it was worth every cent. Money is just a form of energy exchange in the end, isn’t it? And what I received from Sabrina, from her wisdom and channeling, is worth so much more than a currency can express.

What happened on this 12-week-journey? A lot. So much that it is hard to sum up in a few sentences. Whatever happened there, it happened deep down. In my heart. In my soul. In my womb space. And in my mind, as well.

I got in touch with my inner child again and learnt to listen and take care of her. I discovered the colour of my soul and got closer to the why. Why am I here on this earth, in this life? Why and what am I here for? I gained a glimpse of my purpose. And I took the first actions steps into fulfilling it. I ended my relationship and became aware of the co-dependent patterns it was built on. I learnt that all the love I long for is inside of myself. That all the security I asked from my partner is provided by mother earth. That I am safe with myself and in my body.

Oh, my body. She played a big role on this journey. I became my body again. After being disconnected for so long. I danced and I still dance. I still connect to my yoni each day. It is my safe place now. And there was a loooot of trauma stored in it before, I can tell you. But with the work that operated on so many levels, I started to release the trauma. And to connect to my inner truth and wisdom again.

On a physical level the effects showed off super obviously: after 7 years of period pain of hell (talking of being sick in bed with ibuprofen for 2 days each month), I am no longer feeling pain when I bleed. I surrender, I let go. I feel what is happening in my womb but I don’t feel sick anymore. Oh, what a miracle this is! I’ve changed my relationship to my cycle. I work with it now instead of fighting against it. Also, my sexual energy has increased. My creative energy has increased. My life energy has increased.

To sum it up: Working with Sabrina was life changing. It brought me back to myself. It brought me back onto my very own path. Now I can hear my inner voice again, the voice of my heart. I felt so loved and held and seen by Sabrina. She was always there, always reachable and sometimes just a voice message from her on WhatsApp could change my mood and energy.

Honestly, I cried at the end of our last session. However you want to call what happened in this space that she held for me: It touched my heart and so did she as a person. This is a goodbye for now, but I have a feeling, I will meet her again. And thanks to Sabrina, I know that I can trust my intuition now!”


You are incredible, Stella! My heart is filled with immense gratitude for our time together. It was an absolute honour for me to guide you on your path.

If you feel the strong calling in your heart to participate in my next journey starting on August 31st, please, send me a message HERE and let’s have a chat about it!

More infos here: A WOMAN’S WAY HOME



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