Let the universe make love through you

How would it make you feel if you would consider everything in your life as sacred? How would it make your feet touch the ground if you would know that the ground they walk on is sacred? How would it make your nose smell if you would know that the fragrances of the plants are sacred? And how would it make your whole body feel if you would comprehend your eros as sacred?

I can only speak for myself and what I immediately perceive within my body is a relaxed softening into lightness and an anchoring into the frequency of unconditional love. It’s a union between the Earth, the heart and the Universe. It’s a space where judgement just falls apart. Nothing can be labelled as good or bad because everything has it’s place in the divine play on our earthly plane.


Always when I release tension and sink into a state of relaxation, I sense how I let go of control and any toxic behavior patterns that cause this permament state of worrying about the future and thus, of the suffering that comes along with it.

And this is the same with letting go of any ideas on how sexual play and love making look like. If you truly drop all of the dogmas, conditionings and shame around your sexuality, only then you are actually open to receive what it really means to make love. To yourself or another human being. What happens is so different every time and so magical that it’s hard to find words for it.

It’s a state of absolute receivership and surrender. It’s a state of rememberance. Of who you truly are in your core. It’s your divine homecoming on Planet Earth.

It’s you allowing the universe to make love through you.


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