How come that you are still committed to your heart’s voice and are not willing to settle for anything less than the truth? Maybe you are reading this when you’ve just told yourself it’s enough now and you will give up because the obstacles seem solid as steel. And maybe, you are reading this when you’ve just taken the decision anew to keep following your dreams and living for what you came here for. You go back and forth. We all do.

No matter where you are at in your life – whether you’ve just awakened and discovered that there’s more to life than you were taught or you’ve just started to remember why you came here on Earth and received glimpses of your intuitive gifts or you are already living your purpose – transformation is a multi-dimensional infinite spiral. However, as you are growing and maturing within these processes, you learn how to accept, surrender to and then actually enjoy the natural ebbs and flows. Believe me or not: It is getting easier. And at the same time, it is getting deeper. You open up to a higher capacity of holding an even greater truth – the deeper mystery of life and the universe.

Your human nervous system is strengthened so that you are actually capable of holding the frequency of your true power. A deep part residing inside of your heart knows this. That’s why you are still here and you stand up to continue on your path.

Know also that you can always ask Spirit (or the universe or your higher self or whatever resonates with you) to support you. You are not alone in this. Your only task is to show up for what you feel is true in your own heart – and this doesn’t always look as our human self desires.

This is a reminder – especially in times, when the obstacles in our life seem too monstrous to conquer. Obstacles that grew so big because they were fed by the patriarchal conditioning especially in the last 2.000 years and by all its appearances in form of your societal programming, your ancestor’s pain, your inner child’s wounds and your pain.

Reclaiming your wild feminine enables you to honour these ebbs and tides, to ride the waves with grace and to surrender to your death only to rebirth yourself. Again and again.

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