This is more of a personal post today. Some of you might know that I was in constant travel mode in the past 4 years. This was how my path had unfolded – how I personally was initiated into the feminine mysticism with a lot of lessons in trust, surrender, faith and grace. I have goosebumps as I’m writing this.

What has been happening in these years is something that is beyond words. It was all about finding home within myself.

I am grateful. I am grateful for my own commitment, my courage and adventurousness. And I am grateful also for you accompanying me on this journey by following my account since the beginning in 2016 when WILD GAIA was born in India which was my first destination. She was knocking on my door and asked me to guide women back home tothemselves as I was doing it for myself. The rewilding. The unravelling. The shedding of all of these layers built upon conditionings, dogmas, pain and shame. And finally experiencing miracles again that bring us tears of joy.


July is my birth month as a Cancer-Leo-Cusp and this time it’s different – as 2020 has been different for all of us. Right before I went to Israel last year, I knew had to find my own little space. That it was enough now. That WILD GAIA wants me to build strong roots. Travelling makes things often times a bit tricky. I always struggled with not having a decent wifi connection, constantly having to rearrange myself with new people, a new surrounding, a new bed (from a princess bed in a French castle over a tent in the Transilvanian wildness to a mat on the floor in an Indian ashram) and adjusting to a new climate, a different time zone, etc. All of this takes a lot of energy – especially when you are a highly sensitive being and when you are areader of my posts, you are most probably one yourself, as well, and know what I’m talking about.

During lockdown, WILD GAIA spoke to me even more vividly. I knew I had to find a home to feel stable and secure enough for all the teachings that she wants to channel through me. I need to be in a good health,vitality and groundedness. When I was connecting with my inner goddess through my yoni I saw her sitting in a wooden house surrounded by trees. I wrote my vision down on a paper and put it underneath my altar (The bottom of your altar is your subconscious!). However, it seemed quite hopeless to find such a place for me here in the Algarve, especially in summer time. From time to time, I lost trust in the process (that was unfolding, but invisible for me) and found myself quite desperately falling into feelings of not having a sense of belonging which triggered my inner little girl a lot.

And now it’s there. I’m sitting in it. It’s wooden. It’s spacious. It’s dreamy. You hear the crickets chirping at night. And it’s surrounded bypine and cork trees. Cork trees are my favorite trees and guess whichtree stands right in the middle front of my house guarding me? A corktree! I was always more of a forest girl than anything else. This is where I feel most home. Because the windows in my bathroom are full-length, I have the feeling I shower outside in the middle of theforest.

And I am also not attached to this place. Who knows how long I will be here. How long it will serve me. There’s no control. We have nothing to lose.

Now, my loves, every time you have a session with me, you meet me in my wooden cabin channeling directly from the spirits of the forest

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