There comes a point in a woman’s life when she cannot ignore the knocking of her inner goddess anymore. There’s something arising deep inside from her womb which is so primal und thus, so familiar and foreign at the same time – yet, it is unstoppable.

She awakens to her golden cage she locked herself up in for so many years as well as for lifetimes and lifetimes. It’s not possible anymore to bear the pain of her disconnection – her numbness in her heart and womb – the cut-off from her aliveness, her pleasure and purpose.


Things need to shift. Her comfort-zone needs to be left. The calling is so strong that it causes pain not to listen. She knows she came here for something big and she can no longer pretend that she doesn’t know it. She awakens to her gifts with a tossing and turning in her own shadows. The nights become darker until she allows her old layers being shed. She surrenders to her death only to rebirth herself. Again and again. She’s back to her cyclical nature in harmony with the rhythms of the Earth. Every time she’s in resistance the Earth teaches her a lesson so that her knowledge becomes embodied wisdom.

She takes off her shoes to be barefeet dancing in the mud underneath the full moon light.

She takes off her dress to let the wind touch her skin

She takes off her bra to free her bells of love.

She takes off her slip to let her yoni kiss the ground.

She’s naked to bath in the sacred waters of this Earth.

Her mouth opens for a sigh, her lips form words of truth. Her truth that she hid for thousands of years. Her truth that calls for liberation now.  A liberation from old chains around her neck, from dogmas and conditionings. Even though it’s tough at times, she’s committed because she’s ready to reclaim her worth. She’s ready to realign with her heart’s voice and the intuitive wisdom in her womb.


She came here with a higher vision. She came here to experience life with every single cell of her body vibrating. She knows she needs to fall in love with her body and she does. She loves her curves, her soft skin, her birthmarks, her wrinkles as well as every single dint and white hair.

Her yoni reclaims her throne of being the source of her creativity and pleasure. She honors her. She no longer denies her yes or no.

Her womb becomes her inner place of deep belonging, safety and security. It’s all within – and as she realizes that big tears of relief run down her cheeks. It takes some time to arrive here. All of that takes courage. And yet, she has no other choice anymore. She’s coming back home.

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  1. Hello Gaia. I am new to your blog, even to blogging, in fact, but luckily I stumbled across this post of yours, and it is truly magical. It is a work of heart and soul. I would love to read more of your posts. Cheers.


    1. Hey my love, thank you so much for your comment. I am glad you received the essence of it. You are very welcome to read my posts. Regarding reclaiming the feminine divine, you are also invited to follow me on Instagram: @wildgaia_wisdom and on Facebook: Sabrina Wild Gaia
      Much love to you, Sabrina


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