Your Inner Sensual Garden

How delicious just the wording sounds: INNER SENSUAL GARDEN – What is it actually?

It’s a place within a woman she has access to when she comes home to herself and reclaims her birthright of her sensual aliveness. It’s a place she’s meant to experience as a human being on Planet Earth. Our physical plane exists of the most delicious sensual sensations in the whole universe. They are carved into the blueprint of our Great Mother Earth, Gaia. The five alchemical elements of the natural forces are the representatives of our senses within our human body.

The five elements

The element of earth allows you to smell a huge spectrum of flower frangrances, spices and herbs. Your taste buttons on your tongue are reigned by the element of water and are able to experience the most delicious foods. The element of fire lets you see a giant bandwith of all kinds of radiating colors through your eyes. Your ability to receive the pleasurable feeling of being touched on your skin is given by the element of air. And the element of ether allows you to indulge yourself into the world of sounds.

A woman coming home to herself reclaims her birthright to experience all of this in her most favorite and pleasurable way. She carves out time for herself to bath in her unique sensuality and surrounds herself with the gifts of Mother Earth that turn her on.


How to come home to your inner sensual garden:

1) Begin a loving relationship with your body. Comprehend your body as a gift and lovingly care for her by nourishing her with the nutrients she needs and moving her intuitively so that she feels all healthy and vital. Look into the mirror and start falling in love with her no matter what society tells you about how her shape should look like. Adore your curves, your cellulite and your wrinkles.

2) Find out what appeals to your senses and surround yourself with your favorite fragrances and colors. Create a playlist with music that speaks to your soul. Try out a chocolate meditation (or any other food you love). Explore self-touch.

3) Heal your realionship with your yoni (your female genitalia) to ignite your eros so that your sexua energy can move freely through your whole body and make all of your cells blissfully vibrating.

4) Find ways to relax your nervous system so that you can perceive the world through your senses by being present in the here and now. Sensuality is a moment-to-moment experience.

5) And finally set up time and space for a sensual ritual either on your own or with a partner. Dim the lights, light some candles, burn some incense and begin to move your body to arrive in your physical form. Maybe you wanna indulge yourself in some erotic dance movements. Even taking a salt bath can help you coming home to your body beforehand. Have some oil at hand to touch and massage your body. A breast massage is a delicious way to turn on your sensual fire. Breathe in and out through your mouth which will connect you even more with your body and add some sounds that naturally wanna come through out of your throat. Practice being in the present moment. Being in the here and now is key to actually feel and enjoy your physical sensations. Pay attention to which pictures arise in front of your inner eye as you move, touch yourself and breath deeply. Maybe you beam yourself up into the cosmos or you sprawl around on a wildflower meadow. This is your inner sensual garden. It can be different every time. Just know that it’s a place you can always return to. It leaves you relaxed, centered, inspired and aroused for life.

Personal note: Visiting my inner sensual garden works better for me than taking a nap.

Enjoy your exploration and let me know how your inner sensual garden looks like. I am curious!

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