YONI-Interview with Rachelle Lansky

For my global movement YONI’S VOICE I interviewed Rachelle Lansky, Womb Centered Herbalist & Belly Dancer, about her relationship with her Yoni. YONI’S VOICE is an interactive project to honor the sacredness of our yoni temple, raise the collective as well as personal awareness of the importance of our connection with our female genitalia and spread this message from from womb to womb to inspire women from all around the world.

Enjoy this beautiful interview!

YONI’S VOICE: What’s your relationship with your Yoni?

Rachelle: My relationship with my yoni feels like a chalice of portals of infinite expansion. My relationship to her is like the desert – always leaning into her void, becoming more connected and seeking how I can be in cosmic devotion to her, each day and in each moment.

YONI’S VOICE: What’s her meaning for you in your life?

Rachelle: Her meaning in my life is to guide me home into the root, into her womb roots, which are grounded and deeply felt with Gaia.

YONI’S VOICE: Was there a special event in your life that made you more aware of her?

Rachelle: I think my first journey of deepening into her that allowed more awareness into my experience was when I started to study Womb Healing and Mayan Shamanism. It was that gateway that shifted and rebirthed a new kind of expansion that began my journey and appreciation of how much she truly gives to me, and how much I want to remember her, each day, each moment, through every expression.

YONI’S VOICE: How does she show herself in front of your inner eyes? (colors, textures, shapes, fragrances, plants, animals, etc)

Rachelle: She shows herself through the gateway of her lips, her sensuality portal from her hips. I see her when I am belly dancing, smelling basil & rue plants and looking at nature formations that look like a womb or a sacred spatial entrance.

YONI’S VOICE: What do you feel when you place your hands onto your womb space?

Rachelle: I feel deep warmth and a knowingness of being at home, being at one within my own soul light. She tends to me like the roots of a Pomegranate tree, like the goddess of moon herself, so deeply cyclical and full of magic.

YONI’S VOICE: Why are you grateful for her?

Rachelle: I am grateful to her because she gives me the gift of her love and receiver-ship, of hope of fullness within the crazy life scape that is happening. I am blessed to see the way she so gently goes into sacred space and ritual, feeling the elements and all of Gaia within her and expressed thru me, all through an organic, creative magnetism.

YONI’S VOICE: What did you experience through her?

Rachelle: I see and experience rivers of length, story, depth within the ancestral ties and timelines, I see a death and a rebirth each day. A meaning to all of life’s questions and an opening into the cyclical knowingness of the tides of the waters, the waves, and the loud voice that she is speaking when I decide to feel her flame.

YONI’S VOICE: What are you still working on? What are your difficulties on your healing journey with her?

Rachelle: I am still working on listening to all of her creative lenses and all of her subtle whispers. The healing journey that I have been on with my yoni and my womb have been deep medicine for the ones to come, for cleaning and clearing my lineage, and making space for a holy well of energy to root within.

YONI’S VOICE: What’s your message to all the women out there in the world?

Rachelle: My message for all the wombyn of the world are to listen and give cycle to your womb space through Gaia, her majestical rooted places that keep you feeling supported, vital, healthy within your feminine body. The places that you need healing are simply the places that want to be heard and felt so deeply.

I see the womb in a fig tree, juicy boundless and fertile with intentional space and opening. I see the womb in a pomegranate tree, fertile, whole, full of red moon blood, expansive expression. I see the womb in the moon, her melting phases making space for the vision and new dimensions of reality of inner receiving to happen, to be felt deeply. I see her blood given to Gaia, as a sacred offering to the earth because our wombs are the earth, they are so felt within the roots of expansiveness within Mama Gaia.

I see how she makes love, her sensuality felt in fiery ground, with no expectation of time and space, with entrance and felt capacity to always be at the root of experience, always feeling expression, creativity, liberation and holy abundance. Wild and fertile she lies in the feeling of it all, reclaiming her sacred knowingness of the soul here and all of the unknown void. The qualities of feeling are known to her and yet she provides a container of garden, of in all ways becoming and un-becoming, a sacred journey to her feeling and to her knowingness of opening, of fertile cresents flowing~ deepening enlightening the sacred journey back home, back to what is being birthed to you, within you, thru the de-spiraling of the flower, translating to the yoni, the womb, the home of our true expansion and creativity.

It is there, within you, which all of these visions and transformations lie to die and rebirth thru all of your bright and well ancestors. Your womb is a portal, my love, in all ways come back to it.

Rachelle Lansky, Womb Centered Herbalist and Belly Dancer, Israel
Thank you so much, Rachelle, for guiding us into a deeply mystical and beautifully loving journey into the portal of our sacred temple – our Yoni.
You can visit Rachelle and get to know more about her offerings on her website: https://wombrootofferings.squarespace.com/bio and on her Instagram account: @wombrootofferings
If you would love to take part in YONI’S VOICE, follow us on Instagram (@yonisvoice) and send me a message here!




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