We are birthing a new Earth

As I’m sitting down this morning to channel the wisdom in my womb, my heart is expanding and every cell of my body is touched by what’s about to come for us.

This time right now never existed before on Planet Earth. As human beings we went through all kinds of crises in the last thousands of years, but never in that have we been globally so connected with each other. We are able to reach our hands out to our sisters and brothers across the whole world.

We are birthing a new earth. And I’m calling upon you to take actively part in it ā€“ with your physical body and your heart’s energy.

Feel your anxiety. Feel your fears. Sing your sadness. Dance your grief. Allow others to do the same. And then rise up. You are capable of birthing a new reality for all of us. Your passion, your courage, your responsibility, your compassion as well as your ability to feel, heal and love is needed like never before. Now is the time to put everything that you’ve learnt into practice.

We are birthing a new reality that exists of:

  • human beings supporting and helping each other
  • human beings seeing each other as themselves
  • human beings living in harmony with nature
  • human beings freely expressing their creativity
  • human beings singing and dancing together
  • human beings celebrating life with everything that is
Let’s take each other’s hand. We are capable.


I’m calling upon you to take actively part in birthing our new earth. I’m calling upon you to sit with your own feelings and everything you can feel in the collective field right now: The anxiety. The fears. The panic. The sadness. The grief. And also the excitement for what’s about to come. We’ve never experienced that before on such a gobally interconnected level.

With my hands reaching the sky and letting the cosmic energy from the universe wash through me I want you to know that you are meant to do this. That you are meant to be here at this point in time on Planet Earth to build a new reality for all of us. You are capable. You chose this incarnation with your ancestors having your back, with your soul brothers and sisters joining your hands right now. Let your shadows become visible and palpable. Now is the time to embrace them as a part of humanity, acknowledge and rise above them to create a life that you are really wishing for from the core of your deepest truth ā€“ your heart.

With my hands on the ground and letting the earth energy from the Great Mother enter my body I want you to stay connected with your body. I’m calling upon you to move your physical body, to care for her, to touch her, to dance with her and to let your voice sing. It’s a time to deepen the relationship with your body that is your direct connection to nature. Place your hands onto your womb space and feel your sexual energy which is your creative energy which is your life force energy. Connect your womb with Mother Earth’ womb and be fully present with her.

With my hands on my heart which is the bridge between the earth and the universe I’m calling upon you to put your love into everything you do. To cook with your love, to smile with your love, to listen and speak with your love. It’s needed more than ever. It’s needed that you are here right now centered in your heart.

Sabrina Abhai Joti

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