Free your sensual expression

When it comes to my women’s work there is one big topic which always comes up when women begin to liberate themselves from falsely conditioning. A lot of us carry the belief in our system that we need to hide our inherent sensual nature because it could be inappropriate and others might not feel comfortable around us.

I learned this societal lesson in my early teenage years. It had such a huge impact on me that I shut down my natural feeling of pleasure every time my senses became aroused in one way or the other. Beyond that, I made myself feel wrong for being stimulated and experiencing sensual pleasure until these sensations would slowly disappear from my life. Every time, they would rise up in my body ‘by accident’, I caught myself and made sure that I am silent so that every one else around me doesn’t notice them.

I developed the belief that expressing my sensuality around other people in public or even with friends at home like stroking my skin and enjoying my own touch on my arm, expressing the pleasurable taste of food in my mouth with sounds or simply swaying my hips from side to side while walking is something I should not do. It’s threatening. It’s too much. It’s unsafe.


Especially in our Western society, a woman who feels comfortable in her skin and is not afraid of enjoying life through all of her senses causes subconscious triggering in those around her whose senses are shut down or rather carry the same falsely conditioning in their systems.

You, as a woman on your path of awakening and liberating the wild woman inside of you, will come to a point when you have no other opportunity anymore than freeing yourself from this pattern. Not expressing your sensations and raw sensual self will cause pain in your body on all levels.

And it’s scary at the beginning. There might be people, especially other women, who designate you as being too much, conceited, slutty, too feminine or whatever. Expressing your inherent sensuality with confidence is very appealing indeed. It’s sexy and in a head-centered society not everyone can deal with that.

And then, there are others who just observe you in an awe-inspired way thanking you for showing yourself as a fully embodied woman. These are the ones who celebrate you for feeling home in your body and not being afraid of enjoying your life with all of your senses. And they will catch up with you. It’s highly contagious!

Be courageous and liberate your sensual self, wild woman!

Sabrina Abhai Joti

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