My Transfiguration Experience

For five days we were dancing and dancing and dancing.

34 women from all parts of the world gathered together to attend the Mystical Dance Workshop by Monika Nataraj in January 2017 in Koh Phangan, Thailand. Each of us sensed the call to be there. To dance. To feel communion with all our sisters.

We celebrated the divine feminine in all its fabulous and mystical facets.

Holding space for each other. Sacred space.

Letting our true selves act through us. Feeling both the cosmic connection to the universe and being deeply rooted into the earth. Experiencing the qualities of the elements. Catching their vibes and flowing with them.

I love being a woman. Let´s play and have fun!

Boundaries and limitations set by cultural, familial and societal structures and belief systems came up to the surface and were ready to be transformed and finally released.

Sitting in the sacred circle and being surrounded by so many beautiful sisters the beauty of authenticity spoke through our lips. Honoring each other for who we are – who we really are – and allowing us to live out our feminine sexual energy within which was dying to be expressed.

Channeling it upwards till it reached our crown and letting it fill our aura with sparkles. Energizing the space around us. Infecting each other with our enlightened fire.

Ups and downs. Highs and lows. Through the whole spectrum of emotions we experienced our vulnerability, our sensuality and stepped beyond our limits. Through the feeling of communion there was space to let go. To let go of what no longer serves us.

At the last night we opened our sacred temple. We opened it for 34 Shivas.

Dancing and meditating for five days in our Shakti energy we were ready for unity. The unity of Shiva and Shakti. 34 selected and prepared men in white clothes entered our sacred hall to hold space for us. All 34 Shaktis in our colorful appearance sat in a circle with a veil covering our head. The hall was illuminated with golden and white candles. The atmosphere was beyond words.

Magical. Mystical. Sacred.transfiguration

We waited for a man to sit adverse to us. As all men sat in front of a woman we uncovered ourselves and laid the veil aside. The Shivas handed us a red rose. We took the blossoms and spread them over his head to bless him. Then the transfiguration process started.

Transfiguration means that you see the cosmic ocean of primordial energy in the other person. With the help of transcendence it is possible to seek unity and to see the divine in everything. It is not just an imagination but an experienced reality. You feel all the power of the universe manifested.

In order to really experience transfiguration we held hands and looked into each other´s eyes. The Shivas´ palms faced Father Sky and the Shaktis´ palms faced Mother Earth. Our hands touched and we started looking into the eyes of our counterpart for two minutes each. After the bell rang we thanked each other and we, Shaktis, moved on to the next on our right.

The magic really took place! Wow!

From my personal perspective I could sense so much love. So much love sent from the man´s heart as well as from the woman´s heart.

Unconditional love.

Even though it was different with each man I could always see the fascination for the feminine divine in his eyes. It was so beautiful to sense his worship for the goddess within all of us Shaktis.

Suddenly the vision of the man in front of me disappeared and I could sense the infinity through his eyes. His soul, his spiritual being and the cosmic play of the universe.

Another thing I noticed is that we both, man and woman, could see the collective pain of the male and female imbalance in each other´s eyes. Especially the collective pain of women in many lives on this earth. The pain of our ancestors, of our sisters, of our mothers and daughters. The pain of all generations. I sensed in his eyes that he knows about it. That he is here now to hold space. And that he also suffers.

The bird of universal love can only fly with both wings. With the wing of the divine feminine and the wing of the divine masculine.

I feel this transfiguration experience helped to raise compassion for each other and opened so much space for healing. It was truly momentous! I just imagine how those events everywhere on the planet would change the world for the better on a tremendous level!

After this powerful and absolute beautiful experience we, Shaktis, again grabbed our veils and began to dance for each man for forty seconds. We were fully in our feminine energy. Revealing our individual female essence through the dance with the veil. The veil followed us and we followed it. It covered our body and uncloaked it in the next moment. It hid our eyes and uncovered them in the next second.

I knew I was safe and could just be in my natural energy without wearing a mask, without holding back, without feeling guilty or ashamed. It was just real.

It is also real that it is not about your movements. It is about the expression through your eyes and if you really own your innate uniqueness. Your inner goddess.

At the end I felt overwhelmed by the beauty that obviously can be created between the male and female in this world! And I feel gratitude! So much gratitude! More than words can say!

Thanks to all of you!


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